With the release of their first album, Ghost On a Throne, Give Me Something Beautiful has achieved an eclectic, sensitive, balance between finesse and chaos. The trio effortlessly mixes a number of different musical universes; including folk, rock, jazz, and electronic music in the process of creating an intense, atmospheric journey through anxiety and contemplation. Ghost On a Throne is a dense album where melodic bass lines, poignant rhythms and stirring harmonic textures are at the service of a dark and complex poetry.

Matthew Hills (Vocals, Guitars, Synthesizers, Keyboards),  Étienne Dextrase-Monast (Bass, Vocals) and Raphaël Pellerin (Drums, Vocals)   met, fell in love, and began making music together in 2011; Ghost On a Throne represents the summation of a painstaking and often arduous process that culminated in the band recording, engineering, and producing their first work-entirely themselves-at Breakglass Studios, in Montréal. The album explores the themes of ego, addiction, and redemption within the context of life’s micro-battles.

Together, they have a great deal of experience with those battles; the recording of their first album took so long because they, first, had to get the funding and resources to do so.  Not an easy task on artist wages in Montréal, QC.  After releasing 3 separate EPs, recorded on the spare-time and grace of friends around them, the possibility of an LP only became reality after Matthew enrolled at Concordia University to finish a bachelors in electroacoustics; the completion of which co-incided with an offer from Jace Lasek, one of Breakglass’s co-owners, to use the studios as an outside engineer in order to complete the album.  Even then, the money wasn’t easy to find; the album took 3 separate sessions over the course of a year to complete tracking, finishing in July.  Hills then mixed the album over the following three months, before taking a two month break from music entirely.  The album was released on January 19, 2016 at Casa Del Popolo in Montréal, and the band is now touring the album throughout Quebec and Ontario.